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Wedding Speech

"Your speech writing was excellent. It inspired and moved me. Thank you. You're so well-organized and methodical." Ben Basile.

Thank you for the excellent keynote speech!

"I read through it and i am now very comfortable about my speaking engagement. I made a few personal adjustments but overall the speech was perfect.
   I would like to thank your company very much for turning a very stressful occasion into a very enjoyable occasion.

Best regards Spencer Gann, Waterloo Police Department, Iowa"

Watch Officer Spencer Gann's keynote speech at Hawkeye Community College Graduation 2011

More Keynote Speeches

"Always get the attention from everyone in the meeting. Very touching." Latusha Antuna

"Super job! Don't know what to say except congrats! Always a pleasure to hear you speak." Tom H.

"I am in awe at how poised you are!"- G.T.

"Thank you for the gift of your speech. I was mesmerized. I was motivated; there's something that I've been promising myself to do but I never get around to it. I will make sure I begin it tomorrow. I wonder where I might have gone if I'd heard your speech 20 years ago. I will always remember your speech. Thanks!" Elaine C.

Business Speech

Thank you so much for your last-minute speech! You were brilliant! You finished my speech so quickly and I couldn't have said it better! I'll definitely use your services again in the future!" Andrew Greenstein, Entrepreneur.

Inspirational Speech

"Excellent! Wow! That was super! Thought provoking questions... Super!" Chris Vanderburg.

Motivational Speech

"Excellent! Well organized, well-prepared and inspirational! Did you read The 7 Habits?" Tammy G., County Attorney.

Best Man Speech

"The points were concise, clear and persuasive. Well done!" John Simes

Corporate Speech

"Very impressive speech. I like the conclusion especially." Olga Smiley, Realtor.

Conference Speech

"Great speech with a great message!" Dawn Pici, Professional Speaker.

Toastmaster Speech

"Brilliant! Wonderful! Your best yet!" Andy Dooley, Professional Comedian & Entertainer.

Graduation Speech

"Wonderful speech. Great way to handle the topic. Your speech was very eye-opening for me." Anonymous

Family Speech

"Emotions - very touching... Soul searching. Done with earnestness. A message to the audience...well taken." Helen Joseph, Realtor

Fundraiser Speech

"Right on! You do all things right!" Tim Hanley



"Very entertaining speech. I really enjoyed listening to you.You are a confident speaker." K.

"A phenomenal speech. Great personal stories with emotional impact. We could feel your pain." Barbara B.


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  • Best Man Speeches
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  • Toasts Valedictorian Speeches
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  • College Education Speeches
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  • Corporate Speeches
  • Election Speeches
  • Emotional Appeal Speeches
  • Eulogy Speeches
  • Family Speeches
  • Farewell Speeches
  • Fundraiser Speeches
  • Funeral Speeches
  • Family Speeches
  • Farewell Speeches
  • Fundraiser Speeches
  • Funeral Speeches
  • Graduation Speeches
  • Holiday/Festival Speeches
  • Icebreaker Speeches
  • Informative Speeches
  • Inspirational Speeches
  • Introduction Speeches
  • Invocation Speeches
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Marriage Speeches
  • Miscellaneous Speeches
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  • Party Speeches
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  • Wedding Speeches
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