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Best Man Speech (sample)

Welcome, friends, guests,our happy couple Cindy & Dan, and anyone else who feels simply honored to witness such an amazing celebration of love!

I am fortunate to be Dan's best friend since sharing our fraternity room at Ohio State. Why I remember when Dan was an innocent young 19 year-old eagerly pursuing his Accounting Degree. Yes, this once crazy curly-haired young boy became the balding man you now see before you. Yes, Dan has ALWAYS been determined to succeed in life and to attain the best that life has to offer. His devotion to study and self - improvement remains even today a ceaseless passion, which is one of the many wonderful reasons why he is marrying Cindy.

Cindy, you are beautiful. You simply are. And you complete Dan in the most amazing of ways. You laugh at his jokes but not at his style. You encourage his dedication and persistence to his career, and yet you are able to woo him away to a vacation when he needs it most. You not only know what is best for him, you ARE what is best for Dan.

And if the truth was told, well it is NOT me who is the Best Man today. It is Dan.  I have never met a man who is so complete and amazingly balanced in his relationship.  I speak for everyone here when offering this blessing, " May your love be modern enough to survive the times and old-fashioned enough to last forever."   We wish you... 

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